"We go the extra mile with a smile"

"We go the extra mile with a smile"

About Accurate Building Reports

The city of Robina was but a pipe dream for the developers Mr Arthur Earle and his partner Mr Robin Lo when the “The Mana’s” arrived for their first look at the very barren sand swept area now known as the prestigious Robina district.

Over the past thirty years, the Building Company Mana Homes built hundreds of homes in South East Queensland, with the company building a reputation second to none for fastidious workmanship and high quality design which culminated as an awards winner from the Queensland Masters Builder Association.

Mario was invited by the then Builders Registration Board of Queensland (now known as QBCC) to become a preferred builder to tender for works which the board had inherited from errant registered builders. This work ranged from the very simple to the most demanding as the tender for this work often meant that it was a visual inspection only. For the owners this ensured that their homes rectification from the regulated authorities were not only finished in a tradesman like manner but importantly were under warranty guarantee.

Be assured that we learned very quickly that all you see is not necessarily gold. Mario worked for the Board for a period of 7 years while establishing Mana Homes, Builders of Distinctive Homes in the then infant days of Robina where Mana Homes was one of a very few foundation builders. The award winning display homes in Robina were designed by the Directors Mario and Marian.

From these display homes the company build homes from Byron Bay in the South to Raby Bay in the North. The company were the first builders to fully landscape their homes in Robina. This very same infant Robina has grown to maturity and is now home to thousands.

For the past thirty years, Mario has built a reputation based on old fashioned principles of the client comes first. While building has always been the main priority of Mario, still managed to study and obtain his Real Estate Agent Licence. Mario has extensive knowledge of Building Regulations and Building Codes, is a Registered Builder in the State of Queensland, fully accredited in Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections.

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