"We go the extra mile with a smile"

"We go the extra mile with a smile"

About Accurate Property Reports

Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

Attended to in compliance within the provisions in the Contract for Houses and Land Clause 4.1.


Pre Auction Inspections

For those Sellers that require assurance that the maintenance that they have diligently performed over their period of ownership will meet the demands of a prospective buyer. Often this report will be available for perusal during the inspection period prior to the auction.

For the prospective purchaser an absolute necessity to have this inspection carried out by an independent Inspector before the day of the Auction. Many Purchasers have been disappointed to learn that their purchase at Auction may not allow them to perform this duty after the fall of the hammer.


Pre Final/Handover Report

A comprehensive written report will be available for this service which entails a thorough inspection for possible defects or substandard works that don’t comply with the Building Code.

Site Inspection Service

Accurate Building Reports will conduct a visual inspection of the total site. There may be non compliant structures that will be reported upon. Should there be areas of specialist professional attendance required this will be also stated clearly in the comprehensive written report.


Pest Inspection Service

Comprehensive visual inspection (with the aid of infrared thermal imaging camera) to the interior, exterior and grounds of the property for termite detection. Detection of any termite workings/damage will be notified to client immediately.

Standard Property Report

Generally, for a standard property report, it is known as a visual inspection with limitations that the areas of the building to be inspected be readily accessible on the day of inspection. This will be reinforced at the inspection by Mario who personally inspects all properties.

The following areas will be inspected in a standard property report:

  1. The total interior of the dwelling including ceilings
  2. Timber floors where applicable
  3. Roof voids
  4. The total exterior of the dwelling
  5. Patios, al frescos, pergolas & fencing
  6. Guttering and roofing
  7. Under the floor space where applicable

While it is not always possible for the buyers to be in attendance they are encouraged to attend and are most welcome. At the conclusion of the inspection, the report will be discussed with the Buyer/s.

An easily read comprehensive written report will usually be forwarded to the client or their representative within a time frame of 24 hours. (usually on the day of inspection).

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