"We go the extra mile with a smile"

"We go the extra mile with a smile"

Accurate Building & Pest Inspection FAQs

The property looks great, why do we need to spend extra dollars on a building report?

The cost of an inspection is minimal, besides possible costs incurred after purchase of a property when defects are discovered that a qualified Inspector may detect.

How do we know what you will inspect on the day?

There is a Pre-Engagement Agreement sent to the client explaining the terms and conditions of the report which must be read and fully understand before the inspection. It is a requirement under Australian Standards that this agreement is to be signed before the inspection. This can be signed electronically.

How much will it cost for an inspection?

Depending on the structure but we can quote you figures based on the information provided. Contact Accurate Building Reports to send us an enquiry or request for quote.

Why should we use your Company?

We are totally independent. All inspections are performed by Mario who has many years of practical experience.

Is your company insured?

Yes, Mario is fully licensed with comprehensive professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Are there regulated standards for inspections?

Yes, all building inspections comply to Australian Standard AS4349.1 and AS4349.3

What time today can you conduct and inspection?

Generally we can attend within 24 hours of notification but we do aim to please.

Can we walk away from the purchase of the property should termites be found?

Clause 4.2 in the Contract For House and Land purchases is a specific clause that outlines this situation.

How do we know that you are working for us and not the Real Estate Company?

We have a duty of care to provide the buyer/client with a totally professional report. Being a totally independent company, we work exclusively for the buyer/client.

Is there a written report available, if so when?

Over the years, Accurate Building Reports have formulated an easy read comprehensive building report that will be available on the day of the inspection via email.

How do we pay for the inspection?

Payments can be made through, cash and direct credit.

What does a Thermal Imaging camera do?

It is one of the tools used for termite detection.

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